The New Normal, Part One


I am so proud to be serving alongside an incredible youth pastor whose heart beats for God in a really special way. May He be the Head of who we are, what we do, and how we live.




When Jason and I moved out west (hehe), we didn’t realize how different it would to be [so far] away from friends and family. Possibly even more so, we didn’t understand how much we would miss you all and how much this would change our lives.

We wanted to start up this little blog because we needed a simple medium that would allow us to relay the ins and outs of our life that might be shared during Sunday lunches or other casual conversations. We hope to be able to post something each week so that we don’t grow to be strangers no matter how long it takes to reconnect again.

So, lets stay connected. We’ll still call, and we’ll probably learn about one another through Facebook, but keep check on us. We may also ask you a question or a handful of questions at the end of some posts. Try and answer those, too, so that we can still learn about the ins and outs of your life as well.

Here’s to community, no matter the distance!